Wednesday, September 22, 2010

get NUDE w/ LORAC...

get NUDE w/ LORAC... my LUUUX post


I purchased this set on along with some other goodies just weeks ago. I can't explain how much I am SO IN LOVEEEEE with this kit! It's worth every penny.
at $25 for the whole set it's a steal!! $95 value.
including two shadows ( Au naturel, unveiled )
blush ( rose )
couture shine liquid lipstick ( trend setter )
fan brush
silver wristlet clutch

btw: the shadows, blush and lipgloss are all FULL SIZE products as well.

For those who aren't familar or tried LORAC product before. They can be mainly found at SEPHORA's and ULTA stores. I love every product in their line. Shadows are super creamy and pigmented. Blush is matte and easy to blend.
I love the metallic chain clutch it comes with. I actually wore it on a night for a friends birthday and i got so much compliments!
You get so much all for $25.00 and it's a great natural tone color kit. I believe anyone would love gorgeous in this color.

Right now ulta has a bonus free gift when you purchase this set online. :)

So tell me... have you tried LORAC and if so, what are your thoughts on it? :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

TAG: This or That ;)

TAG: this or that

blush or bronzer - BLUSH
lip gloss or lipstick - Lip gloss
eye liner or mascara - Eye Liner
foundation or concealer - Foundation
neutral or color eye shadow - neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows - pressed
brushes or sponges - brushes

OPI or china glaze - OPI
Long or short - short
Acrylic or natural - natural
Brights or darks - brights
Flower or no flower - flower

perfume or body splash - perfume
lotion or body butter - lotion
body wash or soap - body wash
lush or other bath company - other bath company

jeans or sweat pants - sweat pants
long sleeve of short - short
dresses or skirts - dresses
stripes or plaid - plaid
flip flops or sandals - sandals
scarves or hats - scarves
studs or dangly earrings - dangly earrings
necklaces or bracelets - necklaces
heels or flats - heels
cowboy boots or riding boots - cowboy boots
jacket or hoodie - hoodie
forever 21 or charlotte russe - forever 21
abercombie or Hollister - abercrombie
saks 5th or nordstrom - nordstrom

curly or straight - straight
bun or ponytail - ponytail
bobby pins or butterfly clips - butterfly clips
hair spray or gel - hair spray
long or short - long
light or dark - dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs - full bangs
up or down - up

Rain or shine - shine
Summer or winter - winter
Fall or spring - fall
Chocolate or vanilla - chocolate
East coast or west coast - west coast

I TAG everyone who reads my posts :)

VINTAGE polish is a must have :)

Eyeko Vintage Polish
The only green to be seen in! Stay on trend with this lush jade green hue.

I honestly love all the colors in the entire EYEKO polish collection. They are all gorgeous and very chic. They are awesome in quality for the price esp compared to a drugstore brand polish. $5.50 per bottle it's a steal!

Special promotion of the week:
If you purchase over $15 usd in Eyeko products, you will receive a FREE EYEKO VINTAGE polish!!!
Plus enter my special ambassador code "E4271" @ checkout and receive a surprise bonus gift!!!
*Free shipping on orders over $55 worldwide!

Come and join me on

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New and exciting !

If you haven't heard already about it.. I'm about to introduce you to a new website I just discovered called, Below are some FAQ:

What Is Luuux
Luuux is a community where you add information on the latest trends and cutting edge ideas which you can share with your friends and family.

We share back our revenues with our users. By being active on Luuux you will earn Luuux$ which you can spend in our store or give away to your favorite charity

How Do I Get Started In Luuux ?
Easy! Just sign up and start earning Luuux$ for everything you do on the site. The sign up process is simple. We’ll need your name, email address and a password and that’s it, but the more info you put into your profile the more Luuux$ you earn.

- You earn Luuux $ every time you add content, comment or rate others content.

- The better the community says your content is, the more Luuux$ you earn.

- The more Luuux $’s you have, the more you can buy or donate!

How Does Luuux Make Money ?
We make money through advertising and sales commisions on the site.
If you tell friends about items you like and they end up buying them, we share the sales commissions with you.

** so pretty much it's like a blog site where you can post photos, videos and more and share w/ the online world. You POST, EARN , then SPEND!

You can earn some nice luxury items as Louis Vuittons, Christian Louboutins and more... those are just a few to get you EXCITED!
Every point you earn will add up.. getting you closer to greater rewards!
Best of all you can share great things w/ friends and family.

Click to join below and add me as a friend :)


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