Saturday, March 26, 2011

watches galore O.o

So I have this MAJOR addiction to Michael Kors watches. Who doesn't right? haha It's been quite some time that I been wanting these suckers... *sigh* like that day would never come... It's pretty cheap when compared to $10,000 Cartier tank watches but haha that's not very realistic is it. Well FINALLY my dream might come true hehe ^.^

I am loving their whole rose gold collection. It really pops and looks so unique compared to your typical gold or stainless steel watches. They all look so similar and FAB! Super duper hard to even pick just ONE. These are some of the ones that I been staring my eye balls out on today. I can't even believe I finally came down to 4 favorites. ( There were like 10 more before lol ) So gorgeous!!!
Which one is your fav? Can anyone do me a HUGE favor and give me some feedback on which one might be the "Chosen" one? hehe I am beyond indecisive right now. *shrugs*

Love you guys! Hope you are having a fab weekend! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rimmel "State of Grace" Glam Eyes Quad

Hey guys! I been staring at this Rimmel quad for a while now and today was my first time to actually swatch, try it on and play with it. YAY! ^.~

This color really got my attention mainly because of the bright blues and purple. I purchased this having HIGH HOPES it'll be super pigmented and pretty good for the value. So far I am liking it but not LOVING IT.

Pigmentation is pretty good but feels a bit cakey? I can't seem to figure out the word for what I'm trying to describe here haha it's more frosty then shimmery. Surprisingly there was minimal fall out which was good. The brighter blue was actually the most pigmented color out of the whole palette.

I used NYX jumbo pencil in "cottage cheese" on my lids as a primer.

I applied the silvery grey on my lids then applied the light sky blue all above the upper lids. Then I blended the brighter blue starting from the outer corners to the mid half of my lids. Then I got the deep purple and blended into my inner crease of my eyes for a dramatic effect.

Below I applied the purple in my outer v, then the bright blue, then the silvery grey in the inner corner of my eyes for a gradient effect!

Applied urban decay's 24/7 pencil in ZERO (black) on my upper lids and my lower water line. Curled my lashes with my Shu uemura lash curler and coated w/ Loreal telescopic explosion mascara. Very minimal compared to my usual routine. hehe I usually apply falsies but today I got too lazy!


Here are the photos and swatches of this shadow!
Note: the lighting in my house/bathroom/anywhere is just horrible :(
so I apologize for the YELLOW-ness in the photos lol It's not the best pic.
bear with me. :)

What's your favorite drug store eyeshadow palette right now? Share with me!

With Flash:

Natural Lighting:

Rimmel Glam eyes quad "State of Grace":

Close up shot:


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is here~ time for new shoes!

Spring is finally here and I can't wait till I find new shoes for the season! I am a huge sandal fan ( whether it's cold or hot lol ) I came across this shoe and I fell in Love Love Love but who wouldn't? It's TORY BURCH!!!

Okay so in REALITY.. there is no way in hell I could possibly afford a sandal that costs -----> $275 !!! >.< ( I'm sure it's worth every penny but still )
Sigh~ makes me so sad... why can't any of the cheaper shoe makers make it this pretty but maybe just a tad poorer in quality.
I've always have Love for Tory Burch shoes, from her ballet flats to platforms even to flip flops. The signature gold emblem is to die for. Just makes it extra Fabulous!

I wonder if there's any sandals out there that's a copy design of this one? LOL
If anyone finds one, please do let me know! That'll make my day. Since this was is just out of the question. I'll just stare at it for now. -_-

hehe Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!

Julie P.


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