Friday, July 30, 2010

New nail color ~

Finally got my nails on the OPI "lucky lucky Lavender" ( OPI Hong Kong Collection )

This color is so gorgeous! So natural yet bright and colorful too :)
Prety lavender/lilac color. Definitely different because I was in a huge mint green/turquiose phase. keke

I applied 3 coats just to be safe. Then applied Seche vite top coat ( BEST TOP COAT EVER! )
My nails never last due to my hands being immersed in water all day long. :( It'll chip any minute now. booooo~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Favorite Lip Review

Products listed in this video includes"

1) Revlon Super lustrous lip gloss ( summer collection )
*Lilac Pastel
*Peach Petal

2) Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick w/ spf 18
*Spotlight Beige

3) YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick
*Peach Passion #13

4) Chanel summer 2010 collection
*fluo de chanel gloss in LASER/POP
*rouge allure lipstick in SUPER

*note: chanel products are all sold out ( limited edition colors )
but I did find the lipgloss in POP available at SAKS.COM so go check it out asap if you're interested in purchasing :)

I totally forgot to swatch the chanel colors!! woopsie.. but I do have a picture of the ROUGE ALLURE LIPSTICK IN SUPER in my video.. the last picture was from my birthday night and I was wearing that lipstick topped with LASER ;) gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shade of the season...

"The cultworthy shade of the season!"

introducing " PARTICULIERE " beautiful soft brown ( or whatever you may call it keke )
gorgeousssssss!! I can't wait till I get my NAILS on this. Shop now @ and receive two deluxe samples and free shipping over $150.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New EYEKO polishes are here !!!

Eyeko polishes are finally here!

Introducing the " RAIN & SAUCY " Polishes...
Two newest colors to join the eyeko nail collection.
You can buy them in sets now : LONDON look, or RETRO style..
save 20% when you purchase them in the sets.

I love love love these colors. So cute. $15 a set for 3 colors! :)

Don't forget when you spend $15 or more, you can receive a FREE EYEKO LINE & SHINE PENCIL (coupon code " POPSTAR ")

Also, receive an additional SURPRISE FREE GIFT w/ your order when you enter Ambassador code " E4271 ".

Free shipping worldwide with orders $55 and up.


Click here to start SHOPPING!

Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nails... :)

I finally went and picked up my bottle of CHINA GLAZE "for audrey" @ sally's today. They had plentiful amount. It was $5.99.. not so bad. Plus I joined their beauty club membership and got a free $5 credit and got the polish for $4.50 or so. COOL!

I am really loving the quality and of course the beautiful color of the nail varnish. This is my first CHINA GLAZE purchase and I am def looking forward to getting more from this brand. It really paints on so well and two coats does the job... what more could you ask for?

below are the color swatches :)

Natural Light:


Color name:


Chanel Summer 2010 Makeup collection

I know... I know... It's kind of LATE to be posting this. hehe esp now that the FALL 2010 collection is out.. but I just loveddddd this collection so much I wanted to share with you guys anyways. :)

Thanks to my fabulous sister!!! (love you so much) I got the rouge allure in "SUPER" and the gloss fluo in " LASER & POP ". These items, as you may know.. are limited edition and are completely SOLD OUT everywhere ( that I know of ). So hard to find and I got to have a lil piece of it. YAY~ Only sad part was not getting my HANDS on the nail varnishes. I really love riviera & nouvelle vague. :(
So the dupe for nouvelle vague is " china glaze's - for audrey ". That's what I am hunting down for next. Close enough :)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE AND LOVEEEE~ rouge allure SUPER. It is so creamy and the color is so brilliantly beautiful. First I was really scared to try such a bold and bright hot pink but I am definitely getting used to these bright colored lips nowdays.

I am trying to gather a look with that lip colour for my upcoming birthday event next weekend. If you have any suggestions... feel free to comment and let me know! :)

love this song haha so random

I totally forgot about this song until I saw it on VH1 hip hop awards show. Love it! Makes me all motivated to get up and dance and SHAKE IT. lmao

I loved Step up 2 movie as well. Dancer's are HOTTTT!!


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