Friday, March 29, 2013

WISH BOX (NO.10) - All in One Box

Introducing you the latest...
~ All in One Box "SPRING" edition.

"Be more glossy, but lightly!"

43.76 USD > 29.99 USD (39% DISCOUNT)

1) TOSOWOONG - Makeon Gel Pencil Eyeliner in Burgundy ($8.99)

2) LIZ K - Tint & Waterproof Eraser Cleansing ($9.99)

3) Special Gift: Merrygoround Perfume

4) Elisha Coy - Always Nuddy BB24 ($17.30)

5) MUSTAEV - Glazing Lip Gloss in Golden Peach ($17.00)

6) Special Gift: Kiss New York high shine nail lacquer (random color) *This or #7*

7) Special Gift: Aritaum Eye Perfection Eye Shadow (random color) *This or #6*

8) Brilliant -Love Heart Lip Care System Gel Patch [1ea] ($13.50)


So... who's all excited for this box? *Raising Hands* I actually am! Very impressed with the selection of products in this WISHBOX. Ton of great brands and products that are perfect for everyday use. Love that MUSTAEV is included in this because it is a well known professional makeup brand. I have not tried their lip glosses just yet but a huge fan of their makeup brushes. Really interested in trying out the LIZ K makeup remover wipes as well. Anything that removes waterproof makeup is a plus for me!

There is a total of 7 products included in this box, 5 full sized and 2 deluxe sized samples. The retail value of this would have been $43.76 but of course it has been discounted to a total of $29.99. Hooray for discounts! (The frugal side of me is coming out) hehe

If you are interested in this little sweet spring filled beauty box, I'd suggest running to it quickly because once they are gone... they're GONE! I have a feeling this box might be a popular one and sell out fairly quick. What are you waiting for? Go go go! :)

You can purchase your WISH BOX NO.10 HERE.

Main website:
YouTube Channel: WISHTrendTV
Facebook Page: WISH company
Twitter: @WISHtrend



@The Glamour Guide me too! Sounds like a color that I will really like. Golden Peach? Did someone say PEACH!?!? :)

You know I'm getting this box!!! Lol. Watch we get for review purposes.

Previously Wishtrend released boxes with skincare in them right? I prefer those boxes. I know I have lots of skincare lying around but one can always use more haha!

Have I been under a rock? I've never heard of a wish box before! Pretty cool concept!

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