Saturday, March 20, 2010

sad ... boring.. weekend...

I'm bored so I'm gonna be just talking jibberish about a whole lotta nothing important... btw this weather really sucks in dallas. It was beautiful yesterday! like 70's and sunny. Today. Low 30's and freezing! Tomorrow.. a chance of snow.. WTF? talk about random but not surprised since I do live in texas. It's normal being here in this state. Then monday supposed to be sunny in the high 60's again. AHHHHHHHHHH watch I get sick again from this weather.. omg. I can't afford to be sick again.

So this upcoming week I have this " DALLAS STAR KING " audition I will be in and I am really debating if I should just not do it now. I am not feeling it anymore and I only have couple days to practice before the big day. I'm supposed to be doing it for fun anyways but now I kind of feel iffy about it. It would be a great experience for me honestly. Ahhh~ wat to do.. yay or nay. I guess I'll know by tomorrow. I have to turn in the entry form by monday and pick my audition date. So we'll see.. if I do I need everyone's vote as much as possible. First round is people's vote and then they choose the top ten out of that. Then on to the final round. If I do choose to do this... wish me luck. I hope I get first place. =)

Okay I have nothing else to blabber about.. mind is blank and someone is irritating me to the extreme.. so I'll shut my mouth before dirty mouth comes along. hehe

GOOD DAY EVERYONE! bye bye. <3



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