Saturday, May 7, 2011

passion for fine Jewelry...

Hello My lovelies :)

So lately I been really into jewelry, which isn't anything new. The difference is that I have found a new love for fine jewelry. Not like REAL DIAMONDS or anything extremely precious or extravagant. I been always getting most of my fashion accessories from typical stores like Forever 21 etc... and I have to admit it's cheap, affordable and trendy. It's just only reasonable to get things that are $2.50-$5.00. You can get so many pieces w/o spending a fortune. Who wouldn't love that? hehe

So with that being said, I never really ventured out into buying other high end jewelry because the fact that it was out of my price range. (duhh) lol well Thank you online world for deals, convenience and best of all.... *drum roll* C.O.U.P.O.N C.O.D.E.S
ahh~ what life would be w/o em. I'd probably kill myself. Definitely can't live w/o a deal... esp when you're so used to buying things on a deal. keke
It really pays off in the end when you spend a little more for nicer jewelry. It def won't fade or tarnish or even break on you. So you'll end up wearing it for a longer period of time, unlike F21 that are like disposable jewelry. ( ha ha )

Okay sorry for the rambling.. on with the main idea. I've found a new line of jewelry that I have fallen deeply in love with. Amrita Singh. It is an Indian inspired look of jewelry line that consists of New and Old world designs. The pieces are just to die for. I love how wearing just one piece of jewelry can really help your outfit/overall look make a bold statement. Especially when they're made out of precious stones!!!

The jewelry pieces range in prices of $25-$12,000+ it's outrageous haha but just when you think " sigh, I will never be able to afford this... hopeless.." think again!!! There's an awesome clearance sale going on now. Prices are almost more than half off the original and you can shop by price, which makes it easier to find. Along with that sale is the PROMO going on now until Mother's Day I believe. I apologize in advance that I am posting this in such short notice. (sorry x100) but it is not too late. You still have two more days left.

Use promo code "MOM11" (min purchase $75) to get 50% off Entire ORDER!
(don't be intimidated by the $75 minimum order bc the 50% is applied AFTER)

example: you add a necklace that costs $100, you'll be qualified for the d/c then it'll deduct the 50% off which comes out to a total of $50.00. FAB!!
Shipping wise, mine came out to be Free (on the website it says free shipping on qualifying orders of $150+) not sure why mine was Free bc it was def under $150. Oh and no TAX. YAY!

I will post a photo of my order just so I can prove that is Promo is REAL :)
I'm not quite done w/ ordering.. think I might add a few more haha but this is a current look at what I've got in my cart.

check out this site if you're a jewelry lover like me!

If you own some pieces from this line already, please share which ones you have or even ones that you have in your wishlist! I'd love to hear feedbacks.

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!! Don't forget to show appreciation to all your Moms for the hard work they put into raising us.
<3 hugs <3


Julie P.


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