Thursday, October 14, 2010


CHANEL's FALL 2010 collection SHOW~

What you see is REAL. ICEBERG. YES~ imported directly from SWEDEN!

Karl Lagerfeld came close with the 265-ton iceberg he had imported from the northern reaches of Sweden to the Grand Palais. It was about (-4ºC) indoors to keep the ICEBERG from melting. Imagine how freezing it was !!! Thirty-five ice sculptors brought in from around the world took six days to carve the snow/ice or snice.
The models walking down the runway in their fall collection w/ faux fur outfits and boots... the Chanel bouclé tweed.. and more..

Only in the WORLD OF CHANEL will you see a real iceberg int he middle of the runway. FABULOUS!!!

Check out the Fashion show runway pt 1


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