Thursday, February 21, 2013

Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner Review & Swatches

Check out Milani's new Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liners. They come in 5 fabulous shades and made with an ultra fine felt tip applicator. You can create the thinnest to thickest line for your eyes. The long lasting waterproof formula will surely impress you! No budging or moving around here.

Available Shades:

  • 01 Black Vinyl — jet black w/ no shimmer
  • 02 Black Gems — black with shimmer
  • 04 Prismatic Purple — bright purple with shimmer
  • 05 Sparkling Turquoise — aqua blue with shimmer
  • 06 Emerald Glisten — emerald green with shimmer

(click on photo to enlarge)

Swatches L to R:
  • Black Vinyl
  • Emerald Glisten
  • Prismatic Purple
  • Sparkling Turquoise
  • Black Gems
Availability: and drugstores.

Price: $7.49 (prices varies)

Rating: A

Overall: I am not a typical liquid liner user mainly because I love my gel liners... but this one is a keeper. I like the quality, pigmentation and lasting power on these babies. What's sort of weird is that they remove easily under running water when you rub it off. Which is convenient for removal purposes but the fact that it's waterproof, I don't get how that makes any sense. The turquoise and emerald shades are the prettiest of out all colors. Also they are the two that are the hardest to remove. I'd suggest using an oil based eye makeup remover. These are definitely amazing for drugstore quality! Impressive!

Will you be picking any up?



Girl I love the liners!!! I wanna get my hands on some >___<!

@Shirley I'm in love with the Sparkling Turquoise shade... it really stands out from the rest. :)

Wish we had Milani in the UK, those look amazing! x

@Natalia awww sorry that they dont have this brand in the UK. I say the same about some UK brands. I wish they sold Sleek makeup here in the U.S. hehe

Wow...Milani is stepping it up lately! I saw some lipsticks from them on Casey's (Beauty101Blog) instagram that looked awesome too! These slightly remind me of the Urban Decay liner colors...but hella cheaper!! *thumbs up!! :D

@Ashley Elizabeth oh girl I am beyond impressed with those lipsticks right now.. I just got a new set of the berries today. All of them are amazing. Reminds me of MAC creamsheen lippies. Very smooth and pigmented. I'm going to be reviewing them soon. Just haven't had time to swatch all of them yet. Overwhelming. :)

oh Dear, Sparkling Turquoise is too stunning. loved it. I hope they sell those in my country.. :'(
found you via GiG. Tell me if you want to follow each other. :-)
kiss from Indonesia. ;*

Looks good! If only I could use liquid eye liners. I'm horrible at applying them. TT

@Putri supriandini yes that's the prettiest color!!! Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting. Means a lot. I love the GIG group. Leave me your blog url link and I'll follow! :)

@Mrs. Gaeul It's a bit tricky at first bc you're paranoid you'll be coloring all over your face haha but this ones a lot easier since it's felt tip pen style. You should def try it out. Great for beginners I think. :)

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