Tuesday, November 24, 2015


StriVectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner 1.7 oz - $99

What is it and what does it do?

"A lightweight daily pore-minimizing lotion and anti-aging moisturizer with Retinol that delivers both instant and long-term visible pore reduction. Patented NIA-114 technology nourishes the moisture barrier to provide visible age fighting efficacy as it limits the sensitivity common to Retinol use. The powerfully effective blend purifies and refines both skin tone and texture, while delivering superior age fighting benefits."

*Scientifically proven to:
  • Refine the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Purify, tighten and reduce the size of pores
  • Absorb excess oil to control shine throughout the day
  • Hydrate skin and help smooth skin texture
*Clinically proven results:
  • 96% felt skin was smoother and softer
  • 88% agreed the product helps to minimize oil and shine throughout the day
  • 92% felt pores were tighter
  • 88% saw an improvement in the appearance of enlarged pores

*click on image for larger photo*

How to use?

Apply all over clean face in the AM and PM. Use as the last step in your skincare routine. Apply after sunscreen for an optimal mattifying effect.

My thoughts...

So when I first read "pore refiner" and "retinol"... all I could think was yes and yes! As you age, your skin does not repair itself as quickly as you imagine. With that being said, you have to be extra cautious of how you take care of it and your daily regimen. I've always been great with my skin care regimen since I was a teen. Thanks to my wonderful mom who taught me early. Lately, my skin has taken a toll on me and I've been desperate for a skin renewal turn around. With all this hormonal acne I go through monthly, I have ton of acne scars and pores that are extremely visible. This product really gave me hope that it could make a difference...

Any skin care product that's intensive like this will take time in order to see results. I've used mine for about 8 weeks and counting off and on. I try my best to always add it into my regimen but I like to switch around and use different products daily. This is definitely my favorite to use under makeup due to its mattifying effect. It really smooths out my skin and gives it a nice texture prior to applying any base makeup. The product is light yet moisturizing but not greasy. I have yet to see a dramatic decrease in the size of my pores but I can visibly see a slight difference each application. Hey, that's a start... something is working and I am not complaining. Ultimately I am pleased with the fact that their products are all suitable for all skin types, non-comedogenic and free of parabens and sulfates. Every one of their formulas are proven to work and backed up by clinical research. That is proof that it will transform your skin regardless you like it or not. Highly recommend this for anyone in dying need of a great pore minimizing product that also works as a makeup primer. I will definitely continue to use this and hope to see shrinkage in my pores. Bye Bye Pores!!!

For more info and to purchase, go directly on their online shop ----> Shop StriVectin.

FTC: This was sent for review purposes by the iFabbo Shop and my opinions are all my own.


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