Monday, December 10, 2012

Crown Brush Haul!

Hey guys! So I just recently made a Crown Brush order when they were having an extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal. It was about 40% entire site I believe. You know I jumped right on that sale!!! I had a gift card that I won from a contest a while back and still haven't used it. Decided to order some brushes and essentials for my kit. I mean you can't ever have enough makeup brushes and makeup period right? ha ha

Here are the products that I ordered:

  • Pink blending fluff (PP13) - $1.30
  • Pink Mini Smudger (PP16) - $1.01
  • Pink Taklon Angle Liner (PP11) - $1.11
  • Large Chisel Fluff (BK15) - $1.17
  • Chisel Pointed Fluff (C209) - $1.49
  • Oval Taklon (C170-0) - $0.96
  • Angle Fluff (C150) - $1.16
  • Professional Metal Mixing Plate (MP4) - $3.00
  • 88 Warm Color Palette (88N) - $14.37

Visit them on their website: Crown Brush
Shipping was $7.00 via UPS (Flat rate) ^___^

Current Promo

They are doing a 40% off all Palettes sale right now. This would be an awesome time to grab your favorite e/s, blush, or lip palettes on a cheaper deal. As of now, I am not sure of when this promo expires. It was not listed on the website or the promo image. So I will try to update you on that as soon as I get the information from Crown Brush team. :)

Do you own any Crown Brushes or have anything that's been on your wishlist from the website? I would love to hear your responses! Share the love!
Happy Holidays everyone!



@PDXBEAUTIFUL Thank ya sweetness! You're my only blogger fan hahaha I love ya. Man only if I can figure out how to reply to these comments directly.. I'd be so much happier!

pretty colors!

p.s. check out my holiday outfit giveaway! xx

Looks like you got a bargain!

Nice blog, I'm a new follower :)

Kimberley x


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