Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Favorites 2012

Hey guys can you believe it's December already! That means Christmas is right around the corner and 2012 is about to end. Okay not like literally "World is going to end" haha but as in the year has finally come to an end. I don't know how this year went by so fast! It's insane.

Who's all ready for a new year? Who's not ready for a new year? If you ask me, I am definitely ready for a brand new year and a brand new start. Anywho, here is my new video on my November Favorites! What are your favorites in November? :)

Products mentioned in this video:

The Body Shop Tea Tree toner 8.4 fl oz - $11.00
The Body Shop Tea Tree blemish fade night lotion 1.0 fl oz - $18.00
The Body Shop Tea Tree oil 0.33 fl oz - $9.00
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 1 oz - $17.00
M.A.C. Mineralize Skin Finish "Medium Dark" 10g/0.35 US oz - $29.00
Bdellium Tools #955 Duo Fiber brush - $12.32
VS Body collection "Mango Temptation" Hand/Body Cream 200ml/6.7 fl oz - $12.00
VS Bombshell body mist (mine's travel sized) - $15.00
VS Bombshell roller ball perfume 6ml/0.2 fl oz - $15/3 for $30
Butter London nail polish "All Hail the Queen" 11ml/0.4 fl oz - $14.00
Forever 21 Rhinestone Square Stud earrings in Gold/Silver - $.99
Forever 21 Pink Bow Rhinestone earrings - $4.80 (I think haha)
Forever 21 graphite pyramid stud earrings - $2.80
Forever 21 pointed drop rhinestone earring black/gold - $4.80
Forever 21 lacquered mint bow earrings - $2.80

Huge Special Thank You and Love Shout out to my dearest Elisha aka Chicachew!!! Thanks for the lovely Christmas card and wishes. You are the best! xoxo Muah! You guys should check out her channel on YouTube. She has an awesome channel that you would definitely enjoy watching!
Check out her YT channel right here!!! ^___^

Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo



Great collection :) I remember when you bought the Tea Tree line! I have been using the Kate Somerville Eradikate, the same as the Mario B but I want to try the Mario and compare the two! I love that Butter nail polish :)

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