Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My "Free" Zoya polishes have finally arrived to me! yay~

I ordered 3 colors ( Edyta, Barbie, LuLu )

For those who are wondering the "FREE" part...
There was a huge promo on their FB fan page.
Where you get three FREE polishes...
all you have to do is pay for the shipping.
Which was only $6.95 ( that's it ! ) ^.^

I've heard great reviews about this line and
definitely wanted to try it one day.
This was a good offer for me to try it out
w/o costing me anything besides the shipping.

So far I am in love love love with their quality.
I have only tried one color ( EDYTA ) - Deep Green w/ gold metallic sheen.
It was SUPER DUPER opaque...
meaning... ONE COAT (minus base coat) was like ENOUGH! O.o
but of course I applied two coats. Then I applied top coat. (Seche Vite)

I also got Barbie ( bubblegum pink w/ slight sheen )
and LuLu (pale cream peach tone )

I can't wait till I try the other two...
soon as this one peels off!
Let's see how long it'll lasts...

have you tried any ZOYA polishes?
If so, share your thoughts.. :)

UPDATE (2/4/11) : I just posted pics of BARBIE below as well!

enjoy the photos below.


Natural lighting:

Edyta - w/ FLASH:

BARBIE- Natural Lighting:

w/ Flash:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CVS Clearance time again... YES!

Hey guys~ finally finally~ filmed the CVS haul video.
It's CLEARANCE TIME baby! 50-70% off retail on your favorite beauty products only @ CVS!

I collected the most products ever in my life w/o costing me a fortune.
Probably spent under $5 ( no joke, seriously )
When you use your coupons + cvs extra care bucks.. you save a TON.
I had ton's of Rimmel $2 off and $1 off I been saving
( for times like this )
and always save my extra care bucks from my GREEN BAG TAG...
it helps out your pocket.
Also redplum had exclusive Sally Hansen nail/lip coupons
as well so that came in handy.

In the end... I paid almost NOTHING at checkout.
The cashiers even looked at me crazy probably. Like..
" how da HECK she do that?!? " lols

I have to admit, I'm a Coupon QUEEN~ DIVA ~ PRINCESS ~ WHORE..
whatever you wanna call it. keke

also I did post a link on my video as well but
I'm going to link one on this blog post just in case you forget..
this is the site I swear by.
Her name is KITTY and she has a website called
This site has the most awesome deals,coupon codes, printable coupons,
you name it.. she's got it. Thanks to her fabulous site,
I've saved so much! Check it out. You won't be dissapointed. :)

So check out the video above! I believe this sale is still going on...
I'm going to go check it out once more this week.

NOTE: different locations have different items in stock and
sometimes a lil price difference as well. Check all your local ones nearby.

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Monday, January 3, 2011


Photo courtesy of Cafe Makeup

CHANEL 2010 Spring collection LE VERNIS BLACK PEARL.
$23 - 0.4 fl oz (Limited Edition)

My current nail obsession! This color is quite unique and its OWN. Reminds you of a gorgeous black pearl necklace your grandmother would have owned. Quality is exceptional and opaque with just one coat. I'd recommend applying about two coats for perfection. Hands down... must have item in your nail collection!

Go check your local Chanel counters near you ( might be sold out in some locations )
Or go to and order online ( was in stock today 1/2/11 )

UPDATE: (3/22/13)

This item is back in stock at CHANEL.COM.
Look under "DEJA VU" discontinued items section. Happy Shopping loves!


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