Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My "Free" Zoya polishes have finally arrived to me! yay~

I ordered 3 colors ( Edyta, Barbie, LuLu )

For those who are wondering the "FREE" part...
There was a huge promo on their FB fan page.
Where you get three FREE polishes...
all you have to do is pay for the shipping.
Which was only $6.95 ( that's it ! ) ^.^

I've heard great reviews about this line and
definitely wanted to try it one day.
This was a good offer for me to try it out
w/o costing me anything besides the shipping.

So far I am in love love love with their quality.
I have only tried one color ( EDYTA ) - Deep Green w/ gold metallic sheen.
It was SUPER DUPER opaque...
meaning... ONE COAT (minus base coat) was like ENOUGH! O.o
but of course I applied two coats. Then I applied top coat. (Seche Vite)

I also got Barbie ( bubblegum pink w/ slight sheen )
and LuLu (pale cream peach tone )

I can't wait till I try the other two...
soon as this one peels off!
Let's see how long it'll lasts...

have you tried any ZOYA polishes?
If so, share your thoughts.. :)

UPDATE (2/4/11) : I just posted pics of BARBIE below as well!

enjoy the photos below.


Natural lighting:

Edyta - w/ FLASH:

BARBIE- Natural Lighting:

w/ Flash:



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Gorgeous shades! I particularly like EDYTA, so elegant and stylish!
XOXO from a new follower,

@ Catanya ~ yes it's gorgeous especially in the sunlight. I am trying the Barbie shade today! very excited. Thanks for following <3 Check out my YT channel as well :)

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