Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FaB Makeup Brushes + Promo Code!!!

I just wanted to share an awesome PROMO code for these SIGMA BRUSHES!
They are absolutely FAB and a must have. No point in paying big bucks for MAC and other brand brushes. These brushes have awesome reviews and fantastic Quality. If anything, better than your MAC BRUSHES. :)

click on this link below to receive a FREE GIFT w/ your orders of $30 or more

to make that deal even BETTER~ enter coupon code "PEOPLE2011" for a 10% Discount!!!

Shipping rates are Fantastic as well! as low as $1.56 for USPS first class.

I've posted photos of some brush sets that are my personal FAVORITES below.
Most brush sets come with a bonus Travel sized brush for "FREE" !!!

Complete Kit without Brush Roll - Black -$79

Travel Kit Nice in Pink - $49

12 Brush Kit - Make Me Cool - Aqua - $99

Synthetic Face Kit - $42

Premium Travel Kit - Hot in Pink - $59

Face and Eyes Kit - $54

Just wanted to share the proof of SAVINGS :) this is my order.

Instant redeemable USD5.00 for shopping upon registration for member of COSME-DE.COM!



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