Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ROCK & REPUBLIC beauty is back again~

Hey lovelies! just wanted to inform you that Rock & Republic Beauty is back on Hautelook today!!

I seriously almost missed it by a minute bc I thought it was tomorrows sale! lol
so I was going to blog about it and say don't miss it tomorrow. Then I realize I get an email saying sale is starting today. Hahaha silly me.
Of course I got on right at 10am on the dot ( central standard time ) and I try to RUSH into getting a blush color since I have not yet to collect all the gorgeous shades.
Of course Lust is already on HOLD. The only one I wanted from the sale.
Now it's just completely sold out but the good news is....
EVERYTHING ELSE is still there!! :)

prices have dropped extremely low...

Eyeshadows - $8.40 ($28)
Powders - $13.50 ($44)
Brushes - starting at $8.10
Lipgloss - $7.80 ($26)
Mascara - $8.40 ($28)

wow~ that's more than 50% off. Goodness.

What's on my shopping cart right now is their finely jet milled Powders.
I heard they are so FAB!!! mattyfying and smooth application and sets your foundation for hours~ who wouldn't love that.

I am about an NC20-25 in MAC ( I don't use mac face products ex: foundation/powders though )
I hear that CHIFFON is the best color for that color tone... It has a bit of yellowish tint. Great for people with yellow undertones exp: ASIAN SKINS

If you haven't joined already.. please do so~! It's free to join and you receive $10 credit for referrals! I love this site. Bc of it.. I never go the mall nowadays lol

They have deals everyday from different designers and companies that are well knowned and even awesome travel package deals. Go check it out! =)

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