Saturday, February 19, 2011

CHANEL inspired....SHOES that is :)

Hey guys! so I just wanted to share this incredible shoe I found today at TARGET. ( yes I said TARGET!!! )

Honestly I am not the biggest fan of ballet flats or flats period. I'm definitely more of a high heel chic or just plain flip flops/sandals. I always thought ballet flats were so granny-ish and makes your feet look wide and chunky LOLS
First of all, I don't have the skinniest feet to begin with. So I didn't even think my foot could even get into them in the first place haha I guess I was wrong.

I came across this at Target the other day actually and thought it was actually cute. Not that I was planning on buying them but it did appeal to my eyes. Too bad they were sold out of my size either way. So I was at Target again today and I see them again and it happened to be on CLEARANCE~ HOLLA! $9.97. They had the black and grey ones. Of course I chose Black. It reminded me of Chanel ballet flats ( the quilted design ) and I couldn't resist but get them.
So tada~ My very first ballet flats... very chic... very comfortable... very CHEAP and I can't wait till I wear them out.

These were originally $19.99 and on the target website.. it's still $17.99. What a deal I got! Check your local target stores for clearance mark downs. You never know :)

Merona - Marta quilted flats

My next flats I'd like to get are the Tory Burch ( $$$$ yikes )
Hopefully sooner or later.. I will bring those home with me.

*Are you a big fan of flats? If so, tell me which ones are your favorites! :)



I'm not a huge fan of flats. But I'm 5'8", so heels aren't always practical for me. lol

i've been looking for replica for soooo longgg! I'm ordering this ASAP!! I love flats :)

Plz follow back :)

OMG I'm in love with the gold flats. If only there was silver!

@tishiannae - glad you like it!! Hope you got to find them, since they were on sale the last time. Thanks for the follow. :) will check your blog swty.

@Amatista - I believe there is silver, I just only posted a few that I liked hehe :) check out Toryburch website or neimans/nordstroms

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