Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chanel Summer 2010 Makeup collection

I know... I know... It's kind of LATE to be posting this. hehe esp now that the FALL 2010 collection is out.. but I just loveddddd this collection so much I wanted to share with you guys anyways. :)

Thanks to my fabulous sister!!! (love you so much) I got the rouge allure in "SUPER" and the gloss fluo in " LASER & POP ". These items, as you may know.. are limited edition and are completely SOLD OUT everywhere ( that I know of ). So hard to find and I got to have a lil piece of it. YAY~ Only sad part was not getting my HANDS on the nail varnishes. I really love riviera & nouvelle vague. :(
So the dupe for nouvelle vague is " china glaze's - for audrey ". That's what I am hunting down for next. Close enough :)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE AND LOVEEEE~ rouge allure SUPER. It is so creamy and the color is so brilliantly beautiful. First I was really scared to try such a bold and bright hot pink but I am definitely getting used to these bright colored lips nowdays.

I am trying to gather a look with that lip colour for my upcoming birthday event next weekend. If you have any suggestions... feel free to comment and let me know! :)



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