Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is here~ time for new shoes!

Spring is finally here and I can't wait till I find new shoes for the season! I am a huge sandal fan ( whether it's cold or hot lol ) I came across this shoe and I fell in Love Love Love but who wouldn't? It's TORY BURCH!!!

Okay so in REALITY.. there is no way in hell I could possibly afford a sandal that costs -----> $275 !!! >.< ( I'm sure it's worth every penny but still )
Sigh~ makes me so sad... why can't any of the cheaper shoe makers make it this pretty but maybe just a tad poorer in quality.
I've always have Love for Tory Burch shoes, from her ballet flats to platforms even to flip flops. The signature gold emblem is to die for. Just makes it extra Fabulous!

I wonder if there's any sandals out there that's a copy design of this one? LOL
If anyone finds one, please do let me know! That'll make my day. Since this was is just out of the question. I'll just stare at it for now. -_-

hehe Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!

Julie P.



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