Saturday, March 26, 2011

watches galore O.o

So I have this MAJOR addiction to Michael Kors watches. Who doesn't right? haha It's been quite some time that I been wanting these suckers... *sigh* like that day would never come... It's pretty cheap when compared to $10,000 Cartier tank watches but haha that's not very realistic is it. Well FINALLY my dream might come true hehe ^.^

I am loving their whole rose gold collection. It really pops and looks so unique compared to your typical gold or stainless steel watches. They all look so similar and FAB! Super duper hard to even pick just ONE. These are some of the ones that I been staring my eye balls out on today. I can't even believe I finally came down to 4 favorites. ( There were like 10 more before lol ) So gorgeous!!!
Which one is your fav? Can anyone do me a HUGE favor and give me some feedback on which one might be the "Chosen" one? hehe I am beyond indecisive right now. *shrugs*

Love you guys! Hope you are having a fab weekend! :)



I personally like the first & second one, but that may be because I adore rose gold! I was shopping for watches the other day as well, but ended up choosing a swarovski octea lady in gold. Have you seen those? They're lovely!

those looks amazing! definitely a great alternative to cartier watches! geez 10,000 bucks for a watch?! lol

I have had the SAME obsession for months now! I couldn't bring myself to buy the MK one, BUT, I found a gorgeous one on and I am in LOVE with it! BTW, the second one on your list is my favorite!

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