Sunday, April 3, 2011

Awesome deal on CLARISONIC MIA's

Hey guys so I found this awesome deal on Clarisonic Mia's!!!
It's from this online shop called
I have not shop there before but notice they specialize in skin care/beauty products.

so here's the deal:

Clarisonic is originally $149 but this site is ----> $119.20
(savings 20% off)
I found a fantastic promo code "ot2wk".
(savings 15% off)
brings it down to $101.32

Plus it qualifies for 2-day FREE SHIPPING !!!
Plus no TAX!!!
Plus you receive a 2 year subscription to REDBOOK magazine!!!
Plus you receive a mystery free gift!!!

Click here for the deal!!!

**Now you tell me... is that a DEAL OR WHAT!!! haha :) gotta love it!

For those who have been dying to get this and been iffy about it bc it's so expensive... this is the time to grab yours. You're getting a major d/c along w/ fabulous gifts. I know alot of other sites may have d/c codes n deals but I think this one is far the best!!! Hands down!

I truly recommend this product to everyone and anyone (including men)!
This product has become my HG (holy grail) skin care product. I couldn't possibly wash my face w/o it. It has definitely improved my skin in many ways I couldn't imagine. Everyone who owns a Clarisonic know's exactly how wonderful this product is. Gotta try it to believe it. I noticed a difference in the first try.

Taking care of your SKIN is a must and comes first before anything else like makeup etc... Great skin leads to flawless makeup application! Remember to ALWAYS wash your face morning and night and follow up with a daily skin care routine. You might be youthful and feel no need to make an effort now... but there's no such thing as "Never aging". Prevention is the KEY to beautiful skin.

check out their main website for more detailed info on their products.

Below is a PROOF of all the discount/deals/offers you'll be receiving in your order.
It's "REAL"! :)

Are you a Clarisonic owner? If so, share with me why you love this so much!!! Love hearing feedback on products.



Hey! This is a great deal, thanks for sharing! But when I clicked on the link, the price is back to the full price of $149.00! =( It looks like I was one step too late...

@My favorite pink - yea I'm not sure exactly how long the sale lasted but they constantly have em I believe. They had another one a week or two ago. follow me on twitter for sale updates :)

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