Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DIORskin Nude sculpting powder :)

*My newest addition to the collection~ DiorSkin Nude sculpting powder spf 10.
Got this from Sephora's and was debating for so long.. should I ? Should I not? I really liked the finish touch of this powder. It was very smooth and flawless. It has a highlight, contour and powder color all in one. Which I found pretty cool! Something I wanted to carry around and use for touch ups on the go. It won't give you that cakey look. I still haven't used mine yet but I am so excited to any day now. I will probably add this to one of my favs reviews on YT soon.

Sorry for the delay in everything... I was sick again after that one week due to having allergic reaction on my skin. I am finally recovering and skin is back to normal. whew!!! Month of June went by quickly for me.. half the month I was ill. :(
My next video will be June favs. I can't wait!



Awe you are adorable!
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