Friday, August 27, 2010

Nails by CHANEL ♥

Chanel Spring collection 2010 "PARTICULIERE"

- I know I had a post about this previously but I just wanted to post the swatches of the nail on ME. I finally got my NAILS on this gorgeous color. I have to say it's simple chic and classy.

Quality > Quantity any day :)

sorry about the messy job, I actually had it on this whole week and this was my touch up coat for the photos hehe ^^ it lasted me alot longer than I expected. Esp when I am constantly washing my hands and doing dishes n etc. It's incredible.
Totally worth the $23!!!

first photo is w/ flash:

second photo w/o flash, natural light:



Ahhh I need this
I have the Barry M dupe, but it is not as fab as chanel! So jealous you've managed to get your hands on it you lucky girl!

@Darling Heart - Alot of stores are sold out but what people don't realize are the online stores! haha Go to ( they have em in stock!!! ) *my little secret* hehe jk. Go get yours now!

That's a great color!!!! ^_^ I'm going to go out and look for it!

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