Friday, December 10, 2010


Check out my video above guys~
It's an older video I filmed but I just realized I never blog posted it. hehe Woops

It's a review/haul on the purchases that I made on
This site is similar to but all KOREAN :)
You can purchase pretty much anything all imported from Korea and other asian countries along with some products from the states.
I love the jewelry selection they have. All the pretty accessories that I can't find here.. they have em!

This is the site where I purchased my SKIN79 (hot pink) BB CREAM. It was about $10.00 usd or even less. Real CHEAP right? I also got some earrings and a purse and other goodies!

Only sucky part is that the shipping is pretty HIGH. Mainly b/c it is international shipping and also shipped EMS (express mail service)
You do receive it SUPER FAST though. I think mine came in like a week or so.
I don't have all the details on the shipping b/c my friend received the order this time. Honestly, If you order enough items.. the shipping is quite worth it. :)

Alot of people ask me, is there an english version?!? I can't read anything on here!
Yes, if you go up on the far right corner... You will see a tab where it says ENGLISH. It will translate MOST texts in English to help you shop a lil easier hehe


You'll be able to find accessories to bags to clothing to cosmetics and more~
I will be making another order pretty soon and doing another video on it.
so stay tuned and please subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you haven't already.


Julie P.



I love Gmarket. I use it all the time! I do hope that more of the cosmetic companies allow international shipping though. thanks for posting this!

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