Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Having an Extreme Couponing moment...

Hey dolls! Sorry I been gone for so long.. I know I am seriously behind on blogging/Youtubing. Been so busy this past two months with traveling and family in town. Haven't had a minute to really just sit and catch up. >.< exhaustion!

So just wanted to share some of my couponing moments I've done this past few weeks. I won't call myself an EXTREME COUPONER just yet because I am no where close to these ladies on (TLC Extreme Couponers) but I am definitely a Coupon Diva! Having 3 little ones and being a family of 5, it only makes sense to SAVE. Why not? Especially with the amount of freebies I have earned, it makes it easier in my bank account. ^__^

Some of these items were pretty much close to FREE (example below). Usually in my trip to Target, I try my best to double if not triple my coupons and get the best deal possible. You can use (1) manufacturer + (1) store coupon (example: target printables on their website) per item.

So below I have posted some photos of the trips I have made to Target and CVS. I also show a receipt to one of my target trips to PROVE that this is FOR-RRREAL!!! :)

(P.S. John Frieda hair color and shampoo/conditioner is Fantastic! I am hooked!!!)


:NIVEA BODY LOTION(note: this is not all mine lol sharing w/ sister):

coupons - $3 off + $2 off =$5 Coupons

total: $.04 cents a bottle ^__^


coupons- $3 off + $1 off = $4 coupons

total: $0.00 FREE + $.96 overage! (money back in my pockets)

:Huggies/Pampers/J&J baby etc:

J&J baby/John Frieda Hair care/Color:

J&J $.97
coupons - $1 off = $1 coupons

total: $0.00 FREE plus $.03 overage in my pockets!

John Frieda Hair Shampoo/Conditioner:

coupons - $3 off 2 + $3off= $4.50 coupons

total: $.49 per bottle

John Frieda Hair dye:

coupons - $5 off + $5 off = $10.00 coupons

total: $1.99 per bottle

:CVS John Frieda Hair/Sally Hansen Nail polish:

6 John Frieda full repair shampoo
$5 each - 6x $5 coupons = FREE

2 John Frieda Rook Awakening Conditioner
$5 each - 2x $5 coupons= FREE

1 John Frieda Root lifting foam
$5 each - 1x $5 coupon= FREE

1 John Frieda Sheer Mist
$8 each - 1x $5 coupon = $3

1 John Frieda Deep Infusion
$8 each - 1x $5 coupon = $3

1 Sally Hansen Crackle Polish
$4.99 - 1x $.50 coupon = $4.49

used $5.99 ECB's , $3 off $10 cosmetics coupon

whole entire total: $1.62
(didn't even have to pay that bc I had gift card lol)

So basically it was ALL FREE plus I got $6 back in ECB
and $5 beauty club reward ECB. ^___^

:CVS deals along w/ clearance:

COOL HUH?!? haha well hope this will encourage you to want to save and use coupons! I don't see what could possibly hurt anyone from trying this method.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

<3 Julie <3




haha I know Shirley, I got enough hair dye for like 5 years or more. I only dye about once a year.. most is twice! lol

@Molly DOUBLE YOUR COUPONS and you'll get these freebies keke :) It does take time and patience though.

Wow, you did great!:D

***** Marie *****

Wow, what a saving! I need to take a leaf from your book and start collecting coupons.

You have a gorgeous blog and you are stunning.

I wish you all the luck in the world with your blog (although I am sure you don't need it).

All the best,

@Marie Thank You!! I try my best, gotta save in this economy!! :)

@Voe yea it really turns out to be pretty fun!! Thank You for stopping by! I'll def check yours out as well!

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is CRAZY. i love it. i dont know how to do extreme couponing

WOW.... You're amazing!
Where did you get all the coupons?

@c.angie some were from the target website where you can print out and other were from newspaper inserts keke yea I been slowing down lately bc nothing good. I'm def not a hoarder & won't get it unless I "really" need it and could use it.

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