Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shu Uemura Top 5 Wish List + Promo codes

This is my Top 5 Wish List of Shu Uemura products:

*24K gold eyelash curler - $24

*high performance balancing cleansing oil advanced formula - $67

*natural 18 goat brush - $42

*Smoky Layers false lashes - $28

*Black Velvet Feather false lashes - $26

I have been wanting to make an order with them for the longest time but just can't justify it... Why? Oh well that is strictly due to me wanting everything... I mean everything... so I'm pretty sure my total would come up to something ridiculously high and not affordable in my budget. HA HA.

With that being said, I have yet to make an order. Wahhh~ If I honestly ordered everything listed above on my Wish List... I'm pretty sure it would come up to like $200 easily. Isn't that crazy!? *sigh* One day...

To make this blog post a bit happier and worth reading... I found some AWESOME promo codes that are currently valid. YAY!

10% off your order - SHU4BLOG
Free Mini Eyelash Curler - SHULUV
Free Shipping (no minimum) - Register1
Free 2 Cleansing Oil Deluxe Sample w/ orders $50+ - Balance

**Free Shipping always apply on any orders $50 or more (no code necessary) and always receive 1 deluxe sized sample of their cleansing oil products.

***Another money saving idea: If you do make an order, don't forget to shop w/ eBates and receive 5% CASH BACK on your entire purchase. Sign up HERE if you are not a member. It's a legit website that pays you when you shop. Also receive a $10 Gift card to Target etc. just for being a new member. You have nothing to lose. :)

Do you love Shu products? Tell me what's your fav/hg/go to product of theirs?



The gold Shu lash curler has been on my wishlist for years!

It's so pretty isn't it. I'm getting sick of my traditional silver one haha getting a little old and boring. Gold looks so luxurious. Thank's for reading/commenting! :)

I have the regular curler on my wish list but gold? Wow now I want that one. lol

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