Sunday, November 4, 2012


Holidays are here and it's shopping time!!! Who's excited? Minus the part where we go broke and wonder where all our money in the bank went? hahaha

I just received this email earlier today stating I was "Gifted" so I was about to ignore and delete till I scrolled down and noticed some amazing gift w/ purchase sets! There are 3 to choose from that includes skincare, makeup and fragrance minis. All comes with a chic clutch that's yours to keep! Best part of it all is it's "FREE" w/ your purchase of $25 or more. Everyone knows how EASY that is on Sephora online. Plus they are offering 3-Day Free Shipping w/ orders $50 or more. So you get your goods super fast. Awesome!

Oh a bonus to that deal is when you shop w/ "eBates" you get 4% cash back on your entire order. Score!!!

Promo code: ITKIT (w/ $25 order or more)
Expires: While supplies last, which means HURRY!
Extra Discount w/ eBates: Sign up HERE
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Holiday Kit 1 : IN THE GLOW

Holiday Kit 2 : BEST IN CLASSIC


Which kit is your favorite? This was hard to choose but I am definitely going for #3 The Lasting Impression. Mainly because of all the choices of great primers and the UD deslick spray. Gotta love the mini sized ones!

What are you shopping for this holiday? What's on your wishlist? Share with me! :)



oh wow! I didnt' know sephora did these. I'm definitely got my eye on #1 and #3. But, like you, if I had to choose I'd go for the #3, I just love Tarte and Clarins :)

Nice :) Had no idea that Sephora did this! Thanks :)

@Kisti Belle yea I always ignore their emails bc it's usually just advertising new products and etc. Nothing too big and something about this one made me not want to delete it. haha Whew~ I love Tarte and Clarins too. That Clarins smooth perfecting primer is one of my favorites! I have the full size and love it. =)

@PDXBEAUTIFUL It's pretty amazing eh, worth spending the $25 or even $50... might as well get a huge gift with your purchase haha thanks for reading and commenting hun. Means alot. My blog is so empty and lonely lol

This is good stuff! I was trying to use a e-cert that my mom gave me today at sephora and turns out I can only use it online. I got this email too and almost forgot about it..thanks for reminding me :)

@Pixiemama5000 yea it's pretty good huh! I thought it was def worth making a purchase while this was going on. They have some "GOOD" sales going on right now too. The entire Tarina Tarantino line is 40% off.. they don't have much left of the collection but still not bad. Tell me what you end up getting. :)

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