Tuesday, May 4, 2010

E.L.F. eye lash curlers =)

E.L.F. eyelash curlers

Soooooo.... I been looking at many many reviews on these eye lash curlers. Well mainly due to my Shu Uemura one failing on me recently. I've decided to try different ones and see whats the difference. I've heard that ELF made the mini ones ( similar to SHU UEMURA MINI CURLER ) and it was only $3.00!! What a steal. compared to like $17.00 I think? Which is insane. I'd never pay that much for the mini one. Then I came across the reviews for the regular $1 ( yes ONE DOLLAR ) curlers and I was surprised by how many people loved it compared to their nicer ones. Luckily the local Kroger store near my house sells ELF products now and I hurried and grabbed one. I am in love of course. Who can ask for more especially paying $1.00 ( plus tax ) it was fabulous. It didn't pinch my eyes and the squeeze/pressure was just right. I didn't feel the need to squeeze too hard to get a good curl. I totally recommend this product to EVERYONE AND ANYONE! I will hopefully do a video soon on my fav products for the month. I got so much goodies I want to share. =) stay posted guys!



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