Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello my loves, as you can see ( if you haven't noticed already )... my blog is slightly deformed at the moment. I just realized that when I deleted my blogger album on my Google+ account, it also deleted it completely on my blog. O.o SHOCKINGLY BAD NEWS!!! I'm extremely upset because the only way I can get this back is to re-upload everything all over again. That is not even possible with most of the posts I have added because I don't have the images on my computer any longer. :*(

So with that being said... I just wanted to inform you that it will look pretty broken/dead/ugly/deformed/image-less on all my older posts. I apologize in advance. I would try to make changes but since I don't have the images to upload again, this is all I can do. Hope you all understand and stick around :) I know NOW that it does THAT so definitely won't be happening again. UGHHHHH ~ SCREW GOOGLE+!!! >(



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