Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newly launched Eyeko website!

Eyeko has finally launched their re-vamped line of cosmetics. I believe all the older products are gone for good now. Notice their new logo? Say Bye-Bye to the old and HELLO to the new and improved!

As you may know... their famous Big eyes mascara was my "Holy Grail" product. Now that it is gone... I am on a mission to find a replacement. The company has mentioned how their new and improved mascara line will be better than ever! It comes in 3 different brush types CURVY, FAT, and SKINNY. I believe the formula in the CURVY & FAT are similar and the SKINNY is just like the BIG EYES but better. If you look at the photos below, notice the curvy mascara brush wand is similar to Fairy Drops mascara and Rimmel sexy curves mascara. Shea Butter & Keratin formula is supposed to boost your curls and condition them. Sounds good to me! They also included two eyeliners in the collection, One liquid ( like the graffiti eye liner pen ), and one skinny auto pencil. I have to admit that I am not pleased with the price increase but when it comes to the mascara... it's worth every penny because it truly does miracles! Let's hope this new version of mascara's are what they say.. "your perfect MASCARA or your MONEY BACK!" - Love that guarantee!

**Promotion: enter ambassador code "E4271" & w/ any order you'll receive an Eyeko Shield tool.

Introducing the Eyeko Shield..."We invented the Eyeko Shield - a unique beauty tool created for enhanced application to help you obtain the perfect lash look. Pop it behind your lashes and never ruin your look with smudged lids again.”

Eyeko Mascara - $19 USD

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner - $15 USD

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - $14 USD

Which mascara are YOU? Curvy, Fat, or Skinny?

My answer: Definitely I am the Skinny!



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