Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunglasses... I want you!

I have been *eyeing* these Tom Ford shades for about over a year now. Also... my Roberto Cavalli shades went missing a month ago and it's killing me! I am definitely needing a replacement for that one now so I can get over it and be happy. Sadly, I don't have a teeny face so it's not the best sunglass friendly shape. Trying to find the PERFECT shades that suits my face shape is quite stressful actually. Oh.. not only is it the face shape issue... I also have the nose bridge situation. Being Asian and having a flatter facial structure and a "not so tall" nose bridge.. it is extremely stressful. I always look for shades that has the nose piece because it'll actually stay put. Gucci plastic framed glasses never worked w/ me due to it not coming w/ a nose piece. boo :( Also, the frame of the glasses has to be wide ( like my face lol ) so I def prefer big, wide, angled glasses. Those are the best! So with that being said... I found my perfect shades! HELLO TOM FORD MIRANDA'S!

When I tried these on at Nordstrom's I just fell in LOVE! It was one of those " Omg its just perfect and soooo me! " moments... lol Especially when most shades don't fit or look right and you finally~ find the right one.. it's definitely a OMG moment. Don't you agree? ^__^

It is so classy, chic and sexy! The rose gold color just blows me away. Only problem left is how I will justify this price tag of $395... OUCH! *sigh* I have been searching all day on google and came across some sellers on amazon for way cheaper. Only problem is, I have trust issues w/ the item being authentic if it is that cheap. They do mention it is 100% authentic or money back etc. That does make it a little more easier to believe it is real. What are your thoughts?

Tom Ford Miranda Sunglasses in Rose Gold (TF130)

Jessica Alba & Angelina Jolie in my favorite shades!

Tom Ford 2011 summer collection Ad Campaign

The model above looks so drop dead gorgeous! I couldn't possibly wear those glasses and look as good as her. Jealous!!



Those are cool. I need to find some men's sunglasses at the store.

I like the ones Angelina is wearing!:D

***** Marie *****

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