Thursday, April 22, 2010


So I am in search of a good quality compact camcorder I can use for my YT videos. I came across the FLIP ULTRA HD cam's and they are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!! I am really loving this one. So I will be keeping this in mind.. looking at prices.. need to find a best deal! This one is priced at $199. Ahhh~ too much.. wish they were like only $100 haha That would be a better price lols If any of you have any suggestions or comments towards this camera, please feel free to let me know. Just in case I might be investing in the WRONG product. keke

EDIT: So now I come to these two choices.. FLIP ULTRA HD CAM VS KODAK Zi6 CAM
Trying to see which one's better and a BETTER DEAL of course =)



wow a HK flip! Where did you find this? I'm looking into getting a flip for myself too.

Oh You can just go to their main website and look under FLIP MINO HD.
They'll have customized flip camera's all super cute!!! Hope this helped =)

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