Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sephora Friends & Family sale is LIVE!

I know, I just posted info about this days ago but this time... it's really "HERE" so I'm re-posting so I can link ya to the REAL DEAL!

Go to this LINK "RIGHT HERE" and enter your email address. They will email you the special 20% off discount code to use "ONLINE ONLY" for "ONE TIME USE".

I've already got mine late last night and have been on a hunt for what I should get. This is just so dangerous I tell you. I need to restrain myself from getting too much. Gotta set a budget or something! haha

I been eyeing the Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette (on sale for $18.00)
Also the Make Up For Ever Wild & Chic Best of MUFE Kit ($55 )

Oh and to top that 20% off saving + Free Shipping w/ $50 order... receive 4.0% cash back on your purchases made on when you sign up w/ EBATES!

This site pays you to shop online! Pretty awesome... I just heard about it and signed up recently too. When you sign up, you'll receive $5 cash to get started!

Sign up here if you're trying to make some money back and double your savings!!! ^___^

Anyone make their purchase yet? Please share what you ordered! :)



They need to get F&F in Canada! Very nice!

Hi Julie!

I saw your post on another blog and thought I'd comment to you on here. You commented on the "Peripera nail polishes" from Ekiblog, which I JUST discovered myself. On the peripera website, the shipping is quite expensive so I was hesitant to buy. I turned to my good friend eBay and found ALL OF THE PERIPERA NAIL POLISHES, ALL OF THEM, on sale for 6$ (so that's 3$ less then on peripera website) and the shipping is FREE! The seller is in Korea and they have great feedback, so I ordered myself 4 polishes just a few minutes ago. I sent them a message to combine everything and they did it within an hour.

I guess I'll know for sure when they arrive, but I have high hopes for this! Just type in "peripera nail polish" in eBay and you should be able to find them. Hope this helps! :)

@Suteisi omg that is the best news I've heard all day so far haha Thank you so much for informing me! Appreciate that so much :) I was worried about that shipping rate too. -_-

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